Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Hounslow, London

It is essentially like having your missing tooth back

At the Toothsome Dental Care, Hounslow, we can provide an alternative to removable dentures that can be used to replace 1 or multiple missing teeth. This is often an option when the mouth can no longer support dentures. The procedure consists of fitting the implant with titanium screws that are drilled in to the jaw bone, the false tooth is then connected to this, so it is securely fixed in the mouth.

With dental implants from the Toothsome Dental Care Hounslow, you don’t have to worry about any removable dentures.

 Do you need a worry free Dental Implant?

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Denture Dental Implant London

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Extremely professional, Paul and his team make you feel special, he is transparent and clear about what treatment he is carrying out, softly talking you through what needs to be done at every stage. I have a fear of dental work but Paul and his colleagues are great at getting you relaxed and comfortable. The place is modern, booking is always stress free and reminders are prompt. Dr Saran is the best dentist I have ever had.
Mike Lumsden
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