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Inlays and onlays are strong, long-lasting, and require no greater level of care than any other tooth.

There are times when a tooth suffers damage (from decay, for example) that is too extensive to be treated with a simple filling — but not extensive enough to need a full-coverage crown. In these cases, the best option for restoring the tooth may be an inlay or onlay.

In worst case scenarios, a tooth may be too damaged to treat and requires removing. This is often a simple extraction procedure where the gums are numbed, and the tooth carefully removed. However, in some cases it may require a complex surgery. We are able to carry out this procedure in our practice, so you won?t have to be referred to a separate specialist.Following the extraction, our patients are always shown how to care for the affected are to ensure that the mouth heals properly and quickly. If our patients have any questions, we are on hand to answer them.

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